Light beautifully bridges across Art and Science, and the e-Luminate Cambridge Festival is a celebration of the infinite possibilities created by this intersection.

The e-Luminate Cambridge Festival is a modern arts festival for a city at the forefront of technology and research.

The really great thing is that you don’t have to be into visual art to want to come and see this amazing Festival, Light is accessible to all!


Our flagship event offers a unique opportunity for residents and visitors to discover, or re-discover, the richness and diversity of Cambridge’s iconic buildings and public spaces through a range of Light art installations, family activities, talks and concerts.


It was in 2012 when Co-Founders Alessandra Caggiano and Hugh Parnell came up with the idea of a Light festival …with a twist!

Their innovative concept relies on creating a dialogue between the two souls of the city: the technology/scientific spirit on one hand and the cultural/artistic vivacity on the other. This dialogue is centred on Light as the connecting link between the two disciplines and the pretext to newly involve the community in their own environment. They subsequently set up the e-Luminate Foundation which is responsible for running the Festival and many other programmes throughout the year.

Good lighting, like good water, is something we take for granted. But it can also be an opportunity for technology, playing a vital role in improving energy efficiency and reducing energy demand. When this is further augmented by artistic creativity the opportunity for exciting results is even greater. e-Luminate Cambridge Festival will show just how lighting can be more than taken for granted and demonstrate innovation and inspiration simultaneously.

Hugh Parnell, e-Luminate Foundation Co-Founder and Chairman